Applying is easy!

We offer a 100% digital process, saving paper and your time!

The benefits of using our registration app:

  • ✅ Fast and Secure
  • ✅ Online and Free

When your financial consultant has provided you with an acceptable solution, and you are ready to sign up, your financial consultant will send you a link to our registration app by SMS. As a safety measure, there is two-factor authenticaiton built in, so you will need to enter your ID number and we will SMS you the One-Time-Password (OTP) to the phone number we have on record for you. Enter the four numbers of your OTP in the app and it will grant you access to read and sign your application form.


100% Online

Registration can be done online using our mobile app.

We are the first debt management firm in South Africa to specialise in matters of consumer finance. Our clients come from all 9 provinces of South Africa, and we help them to:

  • Reduce monthly instalments
  • Reduce interest rates to 0%*
  • Legally protect homes and cars
  • Get debt free and improve credit scores!

Our financial technology allows us to keep our fees 20% lower than industry norm. We can match any quote!