Debt-Savvy's Online Registration App

By Courtney Maderra, Financial Consulant at Debt-Savvy

Hi, my name is Courtney a Financial Consultant at Debt-Savvy, and today I am going to teach you all about our new web application used for online registration.

Debt-Savvy has created a web application so that our clients can register 100% online. When you apply for debt counselling, you need to register with Debt-Savvy by completing a form that is named Form 16, and you also need to send us a copy of your ID and recent payslip no longer than three (3) months old.

In the past, every month hundreds of Debt-Savvy's new clients would have to manually print out the forms, sign them and then fax them back to us one by one. This could take up to one (1) hour in the past, so in order to make it much easier and faster to apply, we created the Debt-Savvy web application!

This makes it much easier to read, complete, and sign the registration From 16 and also to upload a copy or photo of your ID and payslip. While some clients still choose to apply using the traditional method of printing the forms and faxing them back to us, over 95% of Debt-Savvy's new clients use the Debt-Savvy web application.

Using the Debt-Savvy application to apply is also good for the environment as we don't use as much paper when processing your applications. So, that's another good reason to use the Debt-Savvy web application when you apply.

How to Apply Using the App?

When your financial consultant has provided you with an acceptable solution over the phone, and you are ready to apply, your financial consultant will send you a SMS link to your phone. As a safety measure, there is two-factor authenticaiton built in (just like banking apps), so you will need to enter your ID number and we will SMS you the One-Time-Password (OTP) to the phone number we have on record for you. Enter the four numbers of your OTP in the app and it will grant you access to read and sign your application Form 16. It will also allow you to upload a copy of your ID and recent payslip. How easy is that?

How can Debt-Savvy help you today?

Debt-Savvy can do a free and confidential credit assessment over the phone and immediately determine how much you could be saving on interest rates. We can help you reduce your monthly payments and interest rates right away. Contact Debt-Savvy today, and live a carefree life tomorrow.


Apply Online Now!

Registration can be done online using our mobile app.

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