The Benefits of Debt Counselling

By Eddy Silveira, Founder and Managing Director at Debt-Savvy

Hi, my name is Eddy, Founder and Managing Director at Debt-Savvy, and today I am going to teach you about the benefits of debt counselling. Here at Debt-Savvy we help people hundreds of South Africans each month with their debts, with over 85% of clients choosing the debt counselling option to formally manage their debts. Debt counselling can help South Africans who can't afford to keep up with their payments. This is what you need to know about debt counselling by Debt-Savvy:

"Debt counselling is a formal and legal process introduced by the National Credit Act in 2007 to help South Africans manage their debts. Debt-Savvy is licensed (NCRDC2530) by government to assist people to apply for debt counselling and each month Debt-Savvy helps hundreds of clients to apply for debt counselling."

Debt-Savvy has mandates with over 90% of credit providers in South Africa, allowing us to quickly extend the terms of your loans if you need help, and reducing your interest rates down to zero if needed. We can speak directly to your lenders and immediately stop them so you can review your finances.

Benefits of debt counselling:

One of our friendly Debt-Savvy Financial Consultants will formally review your finances and credit obligations, and create a new sustainable budget for you. We will contact your lenders (banks, clothing stores, furniture, stores, etc) on your behalf and negotiate a better payment plan for you. This new payment plan will suit your budget and will only be what you can afford to pay each month.

  • Legal protection of your home and cars
  • You only pay what you can afford to
  • We will speak to your lenders and they must stop calling you
  • Prevents clients from declaring bankruptcy
  • We will educate you about your legal financial rights

How can Debt-Savvy help you today?

Debt-Savvy can assess your credit agreements over the phone and see if you qualify for a solution. If you qualify we can send you a link to register. Once we accept your application we will cancel your debit orders for you. We do this by contacting your banks on your behalf after you sign the Debt-Savvy Debit Order Cancellation Form. Contact Debt-Savvy today, and live a carefree life tomorrow.


Apply Online Now!

Registration can be done online using our mobile app.

We are the first debt management firm in South Africa to specialise in matters of consumer finance. Our clients come from all 9 provinces of South Africa, and we help them to:

  • Reduce monthly instalments
  • Reduce interest rates to 0%*
  • Legally protect homes and cars
  • Get debt free and improve credit scores!

Our financial technology allows us to keep our fees 20% lower than industry norm. We can match any quote!